Co-production Works Services

Co-production Works is a new consultancy which specialises in supporting organisations across public services to work in co-production with people who use services, carers and citizens. Co-production Works, works with a wide range of associates including consultants, researchers, artists and film-makers. Co-production works is a one-stop shop for all your co-production needs.

Watch this film to find out how Co-production Works approaches co-production

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Co-production Works Consultancy

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Consultancy support for organisations to develop co-production in the planning, delivery and evaluation of services

Co-production Works can help organisations to:

  • gain a shared understanding of co-production
  • develop a strategic approach to co-production
  • hold accessible co-production meetings and events
  • create co-production policies and structures
  • develop co-production in all organisational activities
  • evaluate co-production

How Co-production Works, works

We believe that one day all services will be co-produced. If services are co-produced they will have better outcomes and everyone involved will have a better experience.

We believe in supporting sustainable change. This is best achieved by working at a pace that is comfortable for our clients. Often this means working quite gradually at first to ensure that everyone involved shares a common understanding of co-production. We will offer support and challenge to help clients move to a more co-productive approach. 

We often use an evaluative approach which is helpful as it ensures that everyone involved understands the direction of travel and how success will be measured. 

Equality and diversity is central to co-production, our work is informed by a human rights approach and a belief that everyone has the right to participate.

Fundamentally co-production is about group work. It involves bringing together mixed groups of people who may have very different backgrounds, roles and perspectives. Often external independent skilled facilitation and support can be crucial to developing successful co-production. 

Accessible meetings which everyone feels comfortable contributing to and which make decisions to progress projects are an essential part of co-production. Making meetings work is something that Co-production works can help with.

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Co-production Works Training

Co-production works offers a range of co-production training courses tailored to clients’ needs.

Level 1: Introducing co-production

This course is a general introduction to co-production. It aims to give participants a basic understanding of co-production, its values, history and context. The course also gives participants the chance to learn some practical co-production skills.  If needed organisational policies and values can be included.

Learning outcomes

This course is an introduction to co-production for everyone involved in public services. Participants will gain:

  • greater understanding of co-production
  • develop the confidence to put co-production into practice
  • increase their understanding of how to make co-production work
Who is the training aimed at?

Staff, managers and commissioners who work in health, social care, housing and other public services, carers and people who use services.

Some practical details

Introducing co-production can be delivered online or in person in small socially distanced groups. The content is designed to be modular and can be delivered over one day with breaks or in a series of shorter sessions spread over several days.

Level 2: Improving your co-production skills

This course is for staff and managers of organisations that have already made some progress in co-production and wish to improve their practice. The course is very interactive and participants need to be prepared to share their experiences of developing co-production.

Some practical details

Improving your co-production can be delivered online or in person in small socially distanced groups. The content is designed to be modular and can be delivered over one day with breaks or in a series of shorter sessions spread over several days.

All courses can be tailor made to clients needs. Totally bespoke courses can be developed in consultation with clients

Other courses

A range of other courses can be offered including:

  • Running accessible meetings
  • Research skills for people who use services

Co-production of research and evaluation

Research often provides excellent opportunities for co-production. It is possible to involve people who use services and carers in all activities of the research cycle. This can include employing people who use services and carers as co-researchers, working with groups of experts by experience to design research instruments and co-production of analysis and reporting.  Co-production works can support and advise clients on all aspects of the co-production of research and evaluation.   


  • Recruitment, training and support of peer researchers
  • Recruitment, training and facilitation of co-production advisory groups
  • Research design and methodology
  • Theory of change development
  • Design and analysis of surveys
  • focus Groups
  • Design, facilitation, analysis and reporting of one to one interviews


We understand that each organisation is different and has a unique history and context.  We will design a package of support that suits your organisation and your budget. We offer excellent value for money. 

Co-production works has low overheads which enable us to offer very competitive day rates.