Working With Organisations – Video Transcript

Voice over by Pete Fleischmann – Lead Consultant

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We work with organisations in a very bespoke way so, if we’re working with an organisation, we’d want to find out quite a bit about that organisation.  Has it tried co-production before, what has worked, what hasn’t worked, that sort of thing. And to find out how the organisation works more generally around change.

We’d work with some key individuals to devise a plan for co-production and that could include training staff, training service users, or working with an initial group of people to think about the organisation and how to approach the organisation. But then widening the map to include a larger group of people. 

It might involve training, it might involve group work, it might involve developing policy and procedures, it might involve a little bit of research and focus groups to find out what’s going on.  We often find that creating an evaluation strategy right from the beginning so there’s a shared understanding of the change that we want to see and how we’ll measure that change, can be a very useful way of creating a shared momentum in the organisation so that it knows what it wants to do and how to do it and how that will be measured and is well prepared. And that things happen at a pace that the organisation is comfortable with.  So, there’s no point in pushing through a load of change that isn’t sustainable.  I’m really interested in making sustainable change and that usually means quite gradual changes, so that everybody is comfortable with what’s happening.

Introducing a new group of people who maybe haven’t had a say in decision making and giving them a role in decision making is a big change. Those people need to be trained and need to have the skills and understand new responsibilities.  The people who are making decisions need to accept that they’re going to have to share decision making.  If people work together effectively then they’re going to make better decisions for the benefit of everybody involved in the organisation.