Lead Consultant: Pete Fleischmann

Pete Fleischmann – Lead Consultant, Co-production Works

Pete led co-production at Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) for 15 years. This included SCIE’s commercial offer around co-production training, research and consultancy, developing and managing SCIE’s Co-production network, hosting co-production week and the production of good practice materials about inclusion and co-production.

Pete has 27 years experience of working in advocacy, user involvement, participation and co-production. Pete is skilled at designing innovative solutions to the challenge of ensuring that people who use services and carers are central to complex projects and programmes. Pete is equally comfortable working with large complex organisations and small community groups.

Pete has worked with a very diverse range of people and groups including mental health user/survivors, care leavers, people with learning difficulties, refugees and asylum seekers, disabled people, older people, people with head injuries and pain clinic service users.  

Before joining SCIE, Pete worked as a free-lance consultant, trainer and researcher specialising in advocacy, user involvement in research and participation.

Pete has experience of using mental health services and has been active in the user/survivor movement for many years. Pete was Director of Brent Mental Health User Group for 5 years and established Loud and Clear, Mental Health Advocacy which covers Brent and Harrow.

Pete worked as a researcher at the Service User Research Enterprise (SURE) at the Institute of Psychiatry for five years. During that time Pete worked on many innovative and ground-breaking projects including Consumers’ views of Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) which established that ECT caused long-term memory loss.

Pete has recently completed an MA in Leading  and consulting psychodynamic and systemic approaches at the Tavistock Centre. Pete is due to complete an advanced certicficate in organisational consulting in 2023.


Co-production Works with a wide range of  associates including consultants, researchers, artists and film-makers.  Co-production works is a one stop shop for all your co-production needs.

Photo of Michael Turner - Co-production Works Associate
Michael Turner – Co-production Works Associate

Michael Turner

Michael Turner is a disabled person and has spent most of his career working the disability field with a particular focus on co-production and user involvement.

He helped set up the Shaping Our Lives national network of service users and disabled people in the 1990s and worked as a freelance consultant for 14 years before going on to spend eight years working on co-production at the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE). He played a played a lead in producing SCIE’s co-production guide and organising the highly successful Co-production Week and Co-production Festival.

During his 14 years as a freelance consultant, Michael worked with a wide range of organisations in central and local government, a range of voluntary sector organisations and universities.

He currently combines a policy role with Merton Centre for Independent Living, a disabled people’s organisation in south London, with freelance work with organisations including Oxfordshire County Council, the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and the National Institute for Health Research.

Michael has a broad skillset around co-production including research and development, report writing and editing, producing easy read documents, and events planning and management with a particular expertise around accessible events.

Photo of Tina Coldham - Co-production Works Associate
Tina Coldham – Co-production Works Associate

Tina Coldham

Tina first started using mental health services in 1990, and is still a practicing depressive! She became a user activist through setting up self-help groups, and also being part of a local successful campaigning user group.  This led to wider regional, national and international involvement and she has worked in the voluntary sector, across disability, in academia, and with regulators as a trainer/lecturer, researcher and involvement consultant.  She has been a constant activist.

Tina managed a community mental health development project in the voluntary sector for four years. She then joined the Centre for Mental Health Services Development England (CMHSDE) at Kings College London as a researcher on a national mental health personalisation project. She then worked for the Health and Social Care Advisory Service on various national projects, research, service reviews and mental health homicide investigations. From 2014 she was a Director at HASCAS. During this time she helped to set up the National Survivor User Network and was NSUN Chair, having led this from the planning stage to independence.

Her current focus is around co-production and Tina was chair of the NIHR INVOLVE Advisory Group, the national face of active public involvement in the NHS, public health and social care research. Tina worked with them to produce co-production in research guidance and examples. She is currently working as a consultant for the NIHR Centre for Engagement and Dissemination.

Tina took her learning on co-production from being a Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) trustee for 6 years up until 2018, and chair of their Co-Production Network.  She worked closely on her leadership role with Pete and Michael to help create a co-productive work environment at SCIE, developing and delivering on various projects with co-production at its core.

Photo of Jolie Goodman - Co-production Works Associate
Jolie Goodman – Co-production Works Associate

Jolie Goodman

Jolie Goodman is an artist working from a survivor perspective in the Mental Health sector for over two decades.

Working for both voluntary & statuary organisations, her roles include Interim Co-Director at Lambeth & Southwark Mind and currently she is Programmes Manager for Empowerment & Later Life at the charity the Mental Health Foundation.

She specialises in group facilitation and co-producing relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders including people in later life, Irish traveller men and people with long term health conditions to improve their mental health. Creativity underpins her work in mental health. She facilitates other people’s creativity. Supporting people to express creatively what is difficult to articulate verbally.

Jolie is committed to her own artistic practice currently making a daily drawing for the 1872 days of the Tory Government This and other examples of her artwork can be seen on her Instagram, account @jolie.goodman

Photo of  Dr Peter Schofield Co-production Works Associate
Dr Peter Schofield Co-production Works Associate

Dr Peter Schofield

Peter Schofield is a lecturer in the Department of Population Health Science at King’s College London. His work uses a mixed methods approach combining advanced statistical methods with in-depth qualitative analysis. He is on the editorial board (statistical advisor) for the British Journal of General Practice – currently the most highly cited primary care journal in the world. He leads a postgraduate module in the Sociology of Health and Illness as well as teaching advanced statistical analysis. He has published over 60 journal articles, largely on mental health topics, and authored two book chapters. His interest in mental health research is informed by his early experiences as a user of mental health services and he is a member of the National Survivor User Network.

His current research uses a range of data sources to investigate the mental health impacts of urbanisation and migration reflecting interests in the role of social processes in the aetiology and management of mental health issues. In recent years he has initiated collaborations with universities in Denmark to investigate links between neighbourhood ethnic density and psychosis using whole population cohort data collected over many years. He is currently working on a study to investigate the importance of neighbourhood factors for the mental health of refugees using UK and Danish cohort data alongside an in-depth qualitative study of the importance of neighbourhood factors for this population.

Peter advises Co-production Works on research methods to ensure the highest standards of rigour and ethics.

Flexible Films Logo - Co-production Works Associate

Flexible Films

Flexible Films have been producing commissioned films since 2002. We are a core team of two with partners specializing in music, writing, illustration and animation. Sybil Ah-mane deals with planning and direction and Russell Hall leads in technical aspects.

We are adaptable and make all types of film. Our interest in health and social care stems from Sybil’s experiences as a student psychiatric nurse, support worker, group facilitator, trainer and service user. We have a passion for helping people find their voices and communicate through film.

Our approach is to make the filming process transparent, simple, accessible and enjoyable. We work closely with individuals, businesses, charities, NGOs and public services so that films created communicate clearly, meet visions and make the most of available resources. We started working with Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust in 2005 to facilitate a therapeutic filmmaking group for people who used mental health services. The group later met at Greenwich Mind and continued for 11 years.

We take time at the beginning of each project to see how much involvement is intended, who will take part, timelines and expected outcomes. We enjoy being led by our clients whilst giving guidance.

We believe that everyone can be good in front of the camera with support, space and time to gain confidence. Producing films co-productively makes sense and we value the skills and experiences of all members and will work out roles together.

The editing process can also be hands-on. We have systems in place to make this simple and always make sure those with speaking roles get to view the films before they are published.

We enjoy working collaboratively from beginning to end and always find ways for those taking part to learn, gain confidence and develop sustainable products that educate and create change.


Jack has a research masters with distinction from Bristol university. His research interests include heterodox economics, 20th century Yiddish culture, interdisciplinary research and coproduction. He supports Co-production Works as an administrator and researcher. Beyond this he also works as a cabinetmaker, decorator and gardener.