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Learning and Support Group for Co-production and Peer-support Workers and Managers

  • Are you responsible for co-production, engagement, participation, or public and patient involvement in your organisation?
  • Do you manage or work in an organisation run for and by disabled people, mental health user/survivors or another group of citizens?
  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, under supported, isolated, or lonely in your role?
  • Would you like to meet other people with similar roles for mutual support and learning?

Does some of this sound familiar?

Co-production or involvement roles in organisations can be really challenging. There’s no blueprint for how to do co-production. This makes it both exciting and daunting. Sometimes one or two workers are expected to manage co-production in organisations which have thousands of employees and clients. This can seem quite overwhelming at times. Often workers are trying to manage the high expectations of both senior leaders and people who draw on support. There may be resistance, misunderstanding and envy from other staff.

Disabled people’s organisations and other similar groups can have huge expectations placed on them by members, partners, regulators, funders, and commissioners.  Just keeping the organisation going can be a huge undertaking. In additional to the day job there is a mountain of red tape and paperwork. There may also be internal pressures in common with other radical campaigning type organisations. People involved may have passionately held views and there can sometimes be heated debates and interpersonal conflicts.

Maybe Co-production Works’ Learning, and Support Group is for you? 

The group is a chance to step back from the day-to-day pressures and reflect on what really matters. The meetings will be an opportunity to get to know some people with similar roles, share issues and dilemmas, and for mutual support and learning.  The meetings will follow a set format to support reflective practice, self-awareness and will utilise the wisdom and experience of members.


The group will consist of up to 10 people whose role is about ensuring that citizens are involved in the design, delivery, and review of services. Members may work for charities, universities, health trusts or local authorities.


Before your the first meeting your facilitator will hold a one-to-one Zoom meeting with each group member. The group will then meet for two hours on Zoom 10 times per year. 


Membership of the group represents excellent value especially when compared with other forms of external supervision and coaching.   

  • For organisations with under £1 million turnover £350 per year
  • For organisations with over £1 million turnover £500 per year
  • Freelancers £350 per year


The group facilitator is Pete Fleischmann, Founder of Co-production Works. Pete has worked in the public engagement and co-production field for 30 years. Pete, has experience of directing local peer-led organisations and leading internal co-production in national charities and universities. He has trained and consulted to hundreds of organisations and individuals. Pete is a professionally qualified Organisational consultant.

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