This website was made with accessibility in mind. Note the following features:

  • There are features on the left side of the screen (and first to tab to for non-mouse users) for changing the contrast colours of the website as well as the font size.
  • This site has “skip-links” built in to allow users to skip to content, or return to the menu.
  • All images are fully titled and ‘alt’ -texted so non-screen users know what they are.
  • non-visual CAPTCHA is used on the contact form to (hopefully) weed out the bots from the humans. (recaptcha and “I am not a robot” tick features are not normally accessible)
  • All videos are accompanied by a full transcript page including a link to a pdf document that can be downloaded
  • Tabindex is removed from focusable elements
  • Links are underlined and attention is paid to consistancy
  • The theme used is labelled as accessibility-ready having met the required guidelines by WordPress
  • This website scores 92% on a WCAG 2.0/2.1 automated test, and has made further changes since then to score even higher – This accessibility checklist was consulted during the construction of the website:

Please, if you find something on this site that needs sorting from an accessibility perspective, contact us and we’ll sort it out